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August 13, 2011

Buy American

Filed under: Politics — Simone Barros @ 5:37 pm

I received an email calling for Americans to buy only American made products between August 1st and September 1st the only caveat being that it cost on average $64 dollar more to buy American manufactured products over Chinese manufactured products. The goal to drive up American manufactured production and bring outsourced jobs back to America. I have to say this ‘call to action’ really bothered me.

Several decades ago we were China, manufacturing goods and exporting them across the world at the lowest price. Perhaps the Chinese will also experience a growth in their middle class as a result and a raise in their standard of living. The Chinese minimum wage will then increase and they will have to pay $64 more for their products because they’ll have to pay workers more as it happened in America.

Although, I think communism is in place to stave off just that kind of inflation so that if their standard of living increases (the government supplements the cost by equalizing all classes through majority ownership of the country’s assets) so the cost of living does not go up even as the standard of living does and therefore minimum wage does not increase and the overhead for Chinese manufactured products remains low. However, Chinese products are also so inexpensive because of the poor (and many times) dangerously poor quality. Also, a great many Chinese people are oppressed and mistreated, restricting social mobility and thus ensuring a constant population of cheap labor while a few majority of the Chinese are wealthy. So all in all, the cost of US products indicates triumphs in the US for the middle class and civil rights which, yes, are both now under financial attack, right now.

I really think cutting our imports from China and restoring American jobs doesn’t solely rest on the burden of middle class Americans buying American manufactured products instead of Chinese products. I think it means, an overall lifestyle change, living more modestly and that task needs to be accomplished by the upper class in America. The rest of us are already living more modestly than our parents generation. The corporate executives could sell American products for less if they gave up their giant salaries, dividends, stock incentives, and golden parachutes. Who loses more? The wealthy not buying one more luxury car, not one more yacht, not one more trip to Milan’s fashion week, not adding one more addition to their already expansive house (make that houses), or the rest of us buying less groceries, less household cleaner, less clothes, less shoes and less school supplies for our children because we’re paying that $64 more by buying only American? Now, it’s time for true patriotism but the Americans who really make a difference by sacrifice the least, the Americans with the biggest bank accounts are off hiding their money in Switzerland, setting up corporate headquarters in the Netherlands to avoid paying US taxes and outsourcing company call-centers to India and China to pad their bottom lines. In fact, I’ll make a deal, you cut your dividends, bonuses, and exuberant salaries so American manufactured products don’t cost $64 more and I’ll solely buy American manufactured products.
Okay, I’ll get off my soap box now (which was probably made in China).


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